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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Grow your Opt-In House-list and Sales Faster

In our customer-centric economy, top-performing businesses are expected to:
1. Address their customers’ needs:
Better know the needs of their website prospects, customers and guests on-location thanks to customer insights and data.

2. Leverage the power of social media:
Gain new fans and customers by leveraging their friends behavior and selections, using Social Proof and Social Booking technologies.

3. Increase sales:
Create tailor made, effective, campaigns to convert, sell and keep customers coming back for more.

Importance of Building and Expanding Your Opt-in List
Businesses today use diverse methods for interacting with, acquiring, and retaining customers. The cornerstone of this effort is building and expanding an Opt-in 'House-list' for keeping in-contact, sharing offers and information via Email.
Email Marketing involves reaching customers with a marketing message or campaign via email.
Opt-In means the Customer or Prospect grants permission to the business to save their email addresses for future reference. This allows businesses to build their Opt-in 'House-list', which is a database of email addresses of customers and prospects interested in receiving offers and information from your business via email. [Unlike spam, which is sending unsolicited emails to prospects.]
Effective Marketing, email-marketing included, relies on segmentation and targeting, i.e. Personalization. By adding social profile data, in addition to the name and email, Personalized marketing campaigns can address customer and prospects with messaging specific to their targets Gender, Age, Martial status and more, increasing the effectiveness and results of the marketing campaigns.
With SeatID your business can address all three, automatically, collecting User social profile data, frictionlessly, via interactive social widgets on your website and on your WiFi network, providing your business a New opportunity, a new channel, to increase your reach, collect and learn valuable information about your most engaged users, customers and guests and the ability to use your SeatID account to Automatically send email campaigns to them.

Email campaigns can be customized with your current Offer, Information and any Advertising/ Marketing messaging to promote your business and Increase Sales and customers engagement & Satisfaction.

Come learn more about SeatID’s Technology, We’d love to learn about your use-case and get your feedback.

SeatID’s Technology leverages easy opt-in of future clients on your website (Social Login) AND visibility into which of their friends and social circles have previously purchased from your company. Rolling out your Social proof with SeatID will remove obstacles standing between your brand and future clients, leading to improved engagement, conversions and more sales.
Implementation is easy and takes only a few hours.

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