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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

2 Winning Initiatives for Hoteliers wanting to Increase Direct Bookings

The hotel online booking scene, for Hoteliers is a mixed basket, holding both difficulties and opportunities. In layman’s terms, the following are obvious:

Getting the negative out of the way:
Hoteliers are fighting a losing battle against Internet Savvy and Big spending OTAs and MetaSearches for the attention of online shoppers because:
1. OTAs and MetaSearches buy all the top search results on Google
2. In many cases, online shoppers skip search altogether, starting their shopping journey for a hotel on an OTA or Metasearch website.

How much are OTAs spending on advertising?
Priceline Group increased its advertising spending 34.5 percent to nearly $2.6 billion in 2014 while Expedia Inc.’s 2014 advertising expense jumped 33.3 percent to $1.6 billion [Skift]
         – How many independent Hotels or Hotel chains have such an advertising budget?

Another area where Hoteliers are challenged is shrinking direct bookings originating from call-ins [making online direct bookings more important then ever.]

Focusing on making a Positive impact :

Successful Hoteliers go back to basics when it comes to Increasing Direct Booking, by taking initiatives to:

A. Incentivize online shoppers, year-round, to Book Direct by offering loyalty and membership programs, free WiFi, free upgrades, free [and discounted] goodies at the bar, spa or restaurant etc.

B. Leverage new technology solutions, on their website to engage and direct more shoppers to the Direct Booking channel.

Such initiatives help hoteliers cover two bases:
1. Get the word out that the best deals are at the hotel websites [not the OTAs]
2. Turn their customers to loyal followers and repeat customers.

- Which of the above initiatives has your chain, or independent hotel taken in 2015 to Increase Direct Bookings?

BookingDirection’s technology works on your Hotel’s website to Increase Direct bookings by providing online shoppers the OTA web experience and price transparency they have grown to like — e.g. showing them “all” the prices in the marketplace, and proving that the hotel has the lowest price. In so doing, the need to comparison shop is eliminated.

Why pay commissions to OTAs when you can get more direct bookings?

Bottom line, EARN MORE by, increasing the percentage of website shoppers booking directly with you and reduce commission payout to OTA’s.

We’re in closed beta, helping hoteliers to get more direct bookings.
We launched Q1 2015 and are busy helping hoteliers increase Direct Bookings on their websites. Due to the overwhelming demand and positive response, we have a small backlog.  >>> Add your hotel to the implementation queue and we’ll get back to when your turn is up.