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Monday, January 19, 2015

3 Easy steps for transforming Unknown prospects into Known and Engaged customers

Marketers are challenged daily with identifying and segmenting the interest and intent of their users and prospects.

Motivation here is clear,

  • the Better you Understand your users and prospects,
  • the Better you get in creating Relevant, custom-tailored Experiences for them

All that leads to more Efficient and Effective marketing campaigns and Higher Conversions and Sales.


Below, is an easy 3-step process, for building your company’s own system for transforming Unknown prospects and guests into Known, Loyal, and Engaged customers, a system that is both,

NECESSARY in this competitive marketplace,
DEMANDED by users and prospects whom have grown to expect it.

Social widgets and Social Login are known to increase website Opt-Ins and Registrations providing easy and fast alternatives for authenticating online users and collecting valuable permission-based, rich, first-party user data.
Social Widgets
Give your users and prospects a reason to Opt-In and Register on your website.

Users that Opt-In and Register on your website will be authenticated and identified with the social networks

Leverage valuable permission-based, rich, first-party user data collected via our Social Widgets to Segment users based on Identity data and behavior on your website. Gain insight and improved understanding of your users and prospects.

All the permission-based, rich, first-party user data is stored in an always current database of your users and prospects. We automatically update user records, to reflect changes made by the users.


Rich, first-party user data enables segmentation which makes it possible to put the insight and improved understanding of your users and prospects to work: Act, Target and Engage users with Personalized experiences with your brand that takes into account their identity, interest and intent Increasing:
  • The Efficiency of your Content and Campaigns

  • Conversions and Sales

Come learn more about SeatID’s Social Login and Technology; We’d love to learn about your use-case and get your feedback.
 [VIDEO] Social Login

SeatID’s Technology enables Social ProofSocial Booking and Social Seating by leveraging easy opt-in of future customers on your website (Social Login) AND visibility into which of their friends and social circles have previously purchased from your company. Rolling out our solutions will remove obstacles standing between your brand and future customers, leading to improved engagement, conversions and more sales.
Implementation is easy and takes only a few hours.

Photo by: Rachel Carter

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