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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

3 steps to protect yourself from Fake Social Proof?

Social Proof
Social Proof online comes in many forms, from likes, followers. reviews, testimonials, ratings, subscribers and the list goes on.

It’s too easy to fake
Problem is, that many of these are in fact fake, and yes, your customers suspect it. How many of those testimonials, reviews and rating on your website, were in fact provided by former customers?

2 Questions
Without diving deeper into these uncharted waters, there are two questions that have to be asked now:

A. Can you afford to get caught posting fake likes, followers. reviews, testimonials, ratings, subscribers and so on?
            -The answer of course is NO

B. How can you show authenticated social proof on your website, the kind your customers will immediately identify as authentic?
             -The answer is YES, and here is the solution:

3 steps to Validate REAL Social Proof
SeatID's technology provides you 3 circles of verification, ensuring that you social proof you are posting on your website is real, really.
  1. Authentication: Using our integration with the major social networks (facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn), we are able to Authenticate a website user is who she/ he claims to be and collect her/ his social profile data in the process.
  2. Validation: Tracking transactions on customer's websites and Geo-tagged activity + statuses across social networks allows us to Validate the user was indeed on location or made a transaction on a customer’s website.
  3. User Validated: Your website users will immediately identify the names and faces of former customers that purchased from you previously, because SeatID displays details of former customers only if they are also within that specific user’s social or professional circles. This way, the user herself/ himself is validating this social proof is authentic! They know who their friends are.
Come learn more about SeatID’s Technology and Social Proof, We’d love to learn about your use-case and get your feedback.

 [VIDEO] Social Proof

SeatID’s Technology enables Social Proof by leveraging easy opt-in of future clients on your website (Social Login) AND visibility into which of their friends and social circles have previously purchased from your company. Rolling out your Social proof with SeatID will remove obstacles standing between your brand and future clients, leading to improved engagement, conversions and more sales.

Implementation is easy and takes only a few hours.

Photos by:  Lauren C and Wm Jas

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