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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Why knowing where app users go & what they do in the physical world matters?

We love Mobile
Mobile happens also to be the most rapidly adopted consumer technology in history. The mobile revolution we experience is and has been happening around us and transforming the way we live, work, learn, travel, shop, and stay connected. 
As it often happens, as one door opens another closes, in this case, it closes on many desktop and stationery technologies and solutions, to mention a few: Pay phones, Desktop computers,  Landline phones, even personal and casual communications on email has been taken over for the most part by mobile chat services from Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, line and more 
Here are a few stats that demonstrates the shift to mobile we experience: 
  • Americans spend an average of 4.7 Hours A Day On Their Smartphones
  • Mobile drives nearly half of E-Commerce traffic
  • 65% of emails are opened on mobile
  • As of 2014, the number of Mobile users surpassed Desktop users and the trend is strengthening 
One of the main takeaways for mobile users is the ability to get things done On-The-Go and take with us the many things we like to do, wherever we go.
The price of the convenience and improved productivity takes different forms, from 4G / 3G network slowness, always keeping an eye on battery levels and places to recharge, fighting for people’s’ attention, even family members and friends of whom many always seem to be so consumed and preoccupied by their mobile devices and off course, the loss of privacy by allowing the WWW, big brother, companies and organizations gain access to us through our mobile device beyond the desktop PC and into our pocket, bag or purse, wherever we go, almost 24-7. 

We Love Mobile apps & Personalized content and offers
Mobile apps > Big data > Personalization
Letting the WWW, big brother, companies and organizations gain access into our lives 24/7 and learning how we live and behave in the physical world, including: our location, places we go and frequent, actions we take in these places and more open a new world of possibilities in Personalizing our interactions. 
What’s interesting is that what a few years ago might have turned off most of us, is now welcomed, even expected by many of us. Leading the adaptation of Personalization in mobile are Mobile Apps, here are a few interesting facts: 
  • A solid 50% of people say the #1 reason they download apps are to receive discounts and special offers.
  • 68% of people have enabled push notifications
  • 86% of mobile time is spent online is within apps
  • On Average, push notifications Drive 5x more in-app activity than email
  • The vast majority of users (85 percent) preferred mobile apps over mobile websites. – Apps are perceived as more convenient (55 percent), faster. (48 percent) and easier to browse (40 percent).
  • 57% of consumers have downloaded apps from their favorite brands. (71% of younger consumers ages 18-34 have done so)
  • More consumers nationwide are predicted to get on the mobile payments wagon over the next five years, and analysts expect the amount to reach $90 billion by the end of 2017.
  • 46% under 50 would like personalized offers sent to their smartphones while shopping in-store
  • Personalized push notifications strategy can increase app engagement by average of 36%
  • 67% of respondents under the age of 50 are also interested in a totally mobile path to purchase.
  • 63% of consumers are more likely to buy something from a retailer if they receive a coupon on their mobiledevices while shopping in the retailer’s store
  • 60% of consumers want real-time offers and promotions however retailers are falling behind on delivering this expectation with only 28% having the capability to deliver that service.

So the stats speak for themselves:
- We love Mobile, we love Mobile Apps, we love Personalized content and offers.

What if I can provide you with the data and platform you need to take your App Personalization to the next level: Knowing WHICH Brands and Places your and other app users visit and engage in the physical world & HOW, in real-time, as it happens?

App Developers and Early adopters:
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Images by: Enokson

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