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Thursday, August 14, 2014

The What, Why and How of Social Proof for your company’s website

Social Proof, AKA Social Proofing are terms we all heard over the years; questions that come to mind are,
1. What is Social Proof exactly?!
In essence, Social Proof proves that someone else previously went through a specific process and survived, therefore, you should be fine as well.
This process, after someone else has already survived it, has practically, earned social proof.
After evaluating and educating ourselves, we ultimately order and buy products and services from brands. Some of these brands are new to us, in other words, we are considering buying from these brands for the first time.
Social proof supports our selection process, helping us choose the brand that would meet our needs while limiting the risk of the unknown.
2. Why Social Proof helps business?
One of the most important factors in reaching Social Proof is knowing someone we know, or at least someone from our social circles, has already made a purchase from this brand. This knowledge, acting as our personal risk gauge, provides us with an elevated sense of comfort and removes or significantly reduces the risks associated with dealing with a brand we have never dealt with; No one wants to be the first to try a product/ service, or in other words: a guinea pig, right?!
Now picture this, your company is one of a number of brands in consideration by a future client. If you can eliminate the risks associated with her/ him buying from you for the first time, by providing social proofing, how would that impact your bottom line? By simply informing this future client while on your website:
  • Whom of her/ his friends already bought from you?
  • Whom of her/ his friends already trusts your brand?
you effectively removed the risk associated with buying from you for the first time.
3. How can my business start using Social Proof?
SeatID has made this part easy for businesses. It has developed an out-of-the-box platform that enables Social Proof, live on any website, in as much as a couple of hours.

Social Proof Strategy and Solution

SeatID’s Technology enables Social Proof by leveraging easy opt-in of future clients on your website (Social Login) AND visibility into whom of their friends and social circles have previously purchased from your company. Rolling out your Social Proof with SeatID will remove obstacles standing between your brand and future clients, leading to improved engagement, conversions and more sales.
Implementation is easy and takes only a few hours.
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Photo by: Kitty Terwolbeck

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