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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

4 NEW Social tools that can Turbo charge your website conversions

1. Social Proof: Show your website shoppers whom of their friends already trusts your brand.
“we conform because we believe that other’s interpretation of an ambiguous situation is more accurate than ours and will help us choose an appropriate course of action,” it is informational social influence, or in other words Social Proof in action.

2. Social Login: Make it easy for your website shoppers to register with you, minus the annoying passwords and long forms.
“Most marketers know by now that Social Login reduces the barriers to register and login to your site, It’s proven to increase registration rates by as much as 90% and provides permission-based access to rich, first-party user data.”

3. Social Booking: Show your website shoppers which products and services their friends have been buying, making it easier for them to make up their minds.
Selling more than one product or service? Most websites do. What if you can not only show your website shoppers whom of their friends ordered from your company before with Social Proof, but you can also show them which product and service they ordered. This knowledge, influenced by Social Booking, supports their actual selection process and removes additional barriers from placing an order from your website.”

4. Social Seating: For those selling seats: Airlines, Trains, Theatres, Stadiums & etc, show your website shoppers where their friends will be seating and help them choose a seat next to them [Or Away from them..]. You can even make an extra buck for that…
If we could spend our traveling time with our friends or even with people we know from our social circles, our whole traveling experience could change dramatically.   All of a sudden it seems almost absurd not to check if there’s anyone going the same way or the same place as you are.” and use Social Seating to reserve a seat next to that person.

Come learn more about SeatID’s Technology; We’d love to learn about your use-case and get your feedback.

SeatID’s Technology enables Social ProofSocial Booking and Social Seating by leveraging easy opt-in of future clients on your website (Social Login) AND visibility into which of their friends and social circles have previously purchased from your company. Rolling out our solutions will remove obstacles standing between your brand and future clients, leading to improved engagement, conversions and more sales.

Implementation is easy and takes only a few hours.

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